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About concrete5 and the Community Store

Concrete5 CMS

Concrete5 CMS has been here for a long time. In fact, it is almost 10 years since concrete5 appeared as Open Source CMS. And since then there has been a rapid development. At first, there was not much functionality, but it soon came after people around the world found this CMS. There have been a lot of great updates over time. But the biggest update was now for approx. 3 years ago when version 7 was published. And there has since been no webshop that could support most things and be easy for people to use. The waiting time is now over - Welcome to the concrete5 Community Store.

Community Store - The Webshop

Community Store - The webshop for concrete5 version 7 (now also version 8) has actually been there for more than 1 year. Community Store was developed by a number of developers worldwide with Ryan (mesuva) from Australia at the forefront. Community Store is like concrete5 Open Source and thus quite free for you to use. Community Store is a GitHub project (https://github.com/concrete5-community-store/community_store) that is not available on the concrete5.org marketplace. However, we are uncertain whether it will ever be placed on the marketplace as it will be difficult to provide support and that there is no direct owner of the project.

Concrete5 Denmark is involved in the development of the Community Store

We here at Concrete5 Denmark have been deeply involved almost from the outset in the development of the Community Store, and a lot of functionality that is now built in is actually developed by us. We will continue to develop on this webshop for concrete5 and add extra functionality as we get the ideas. We have also developed a payment gateway for Danish ePay payment system. However, this add-on is not free (of course we hope to earn a little for all the hours we have spent on the project).

ePay Payment Gateway costs DKK 500 + VAT and can be ordered by contacting us at info@concrete5.dk or by phone +45 5120 3339.

Theme Pixel

We have on this demonstration page usedTheme Pixel for concrete5, som koster $50 på markedspladsen på concrete5.org. We have thus made it possible for you to get started with a concrete5 webshop for very small money including a nice theme. So it's just getting started.

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