ePay Payment Gateway

ePay Payment Module

Payment gateway to concrete5 Community Store Webshop

We, Concrete5 Denmark, have made an ePay payment module for concrete5 Community Store Webshop. This webshop can be integrated into Concrete5 CMS, so that at the same time with a terrific easy CMS has an integrated webshop.

With the module you will get:

With the concrete5 Community Store module you get:

  • Webshop directly integrated into concrete5 CMS
  • Same smart/easy administration as the rest of concrete5
  • Many options for design and configuration

Here you can read more about the payment module for the concrete5 eCommerce webshop. Here we have also made a full webshop installation with the opportunity to test the ePay payment module.

The ePay payment module for Concrete5 Community Store is completely free and can be acquired by contacting Concrete5 Denmark via e-mail: info@concrete5.dk


Any updates will be informed to you as a customer of Concrete5 Denmark directly by e-mail.

Be aware

We do not provide free support for the installation of neither the Community Store webshop nor the ePay payment module. You are of course welcome to contact Concrete5 Danmark for any offer for installation of both packages. more information can be found at www.concrete5.dk

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