Concrete5 Webshop - Description

Here is a small description of the concrete5 Community Store and what it takes to get it started. If you have a little bit of ingenuity you can easily put it all up yourself (and then it will be almost free). In addition to the software modules you see here on the page (there are download links on the page), if you wish to receive payment via payment card, you also need a payment module. Here we can help with a module for Danish ePay Payment Solution, which has a prize tag at DKK 500,00 + VAT. You must also remember to get an agreement with ePay and NETS / Teller in order to receive payment in full.

Concrete5 Danmark CMS

Concrete5 CMS

As you may have already figured out, concrete5 is a CMS (Content Management System). And that it is Open Source and thus free for you as a user.

Concrete5 is being developed in the US by the concrete5 core team and there are many developers around the world who also develop concrete5 together with the core team.
You can always keep up with the developments on GitHub which is where the developers discuss, develop and inform all aspects of Concrete5 CMS package. There is also a lot of good information on and on

Download concrete5

Community Store

Community Store

If you want a solid and smart webshop that is easy to handle then you should look at the concrete5 Community Store webshop module. This is a webshop under constant development and then it is Open Source and quite free for you (though without payment gateway - installed separately).

We have here on this page made a demonstration of the Community Store Webshop. And as you can see, it is a pretty solid and user-friendly shop. Community Store is a GitHub project developed by a number of developers worldwide.

Download Community Store

Pixel2 Theme

Theme Pixel

On this demo setup of Community Store we have chosen to use "Theme Pixel" as an example. And why that? It is quite simple in itself - It is beautiful and simple, it costs only $50 and then it works as it should. You can find more information on the download link below where there is also a link to the demonstration page.

Download Theme Pixel2