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As this is a demonstration of the concrete5 CMS and Community Store webshop, you can buy everything you want at no cost.

So try to navigate around the page and get inspired for your new webshop.

(This is a demonstration webshop. Everything you buy is fictitious and will therefore not be sent in reality.)


Below you will find offers on the demo webshop

Red onion (1 kg)

DKK 12.95 was DKK 15.50

Fresh ecological red onions from Ecology farming with top quality

C5DK eBook 5 pack

DKK 756.00 was DKK 945.00

Concrete5 DK eBook test product for demo shop


Red Pepper (3 pcs)

DKK 7.95 was DKK 8.95

Fresh Danish ecological Red Pepper Fruits from Ecology Farming with Top Quality

C5DK Red wine - 6 bottles

DKK 185.00 was DKK 252.00

A good bottle of red wine from concrete5 with a good taste. Right for the discerning consumer.

C5DK Cola - 6 pack

DKK 36.00 was DKK 42.00

A coke from concrete5 with a good taste. Right for the discerning consumer.

Cauliflower (1 pc)

DKK 10.25 was DKK 13.50

Fresh organic cauliflower from organic farming with top quality

Cloria Blouse 4309

DKK 300.00 was DKK 550.00

Short-sleeved pink blouse in thin fabric with a deep neckline


The Demo Shop is open!

We have tried to show a wide variety of different webshop solutions, so you can see how versatile concrete5 CMS with webshop can be. We hope that this will inspire you to use concrete5 CMS with built-in webshop for your next shop solution.

You can navigate through the top menu or via the direct links here.

Want more information?

We show a lot more about Concrete5 or on where we have a few good deals laugh).

Shopping Girl


Below we show various products and setups of the webshop. Look around and try to buy a few products in the webshop (remember it costs nothing to try).

Easy to Edit

Concrete5 CMS is very easy to handle when it comes to content on the pages. Everything is structured in content blocks, each having their own unique function.

Pixel Perfect

Creating a Theme for concrete5 is a bit like cutting a picture into a puzzle. Concrete5 is just so smart that it can almost put the pieces in place by it self.

Full of creativity

Concrete5 is a real CMS, and therefore prepared to handle the most demanding web applications. Only the imagination sets the limits.